Tuesday, March 29, 2011

pilot program - first half

Pollinate dates: April 1 & 15
12:00 - 3:00 pm  
Interior designers and architects are invited to drop off their expired specifications samples.  Including carpet, wallcovering, fabric, stone, glass, tile, laminate, three ring binders and vinyl samples. 

Harvest dates: April 2 & 16
12:00 - 3:00 pm  
Artists and educators harvest creative supply items including fabric, carpet, ceramic tile, glass and wallcovering samples, three ring binders and specialty papers. Bring boxes or bags to carry your selections 

See you this weekend for the first half of this great Earth Day program... we know you're out there & we're ready to meet you all!

Thanks to our 2011 sponsors... Champions of Sustainability!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

pollination - 1 material, 3 ways!

ZeroLandfill(Ed)™ 1.3 Paint Chips

We know you love ZeroLandfill™.  Find cool stuff, save the planet, get free supplies for your classroom.  But it’s missing that special ingredient — inspiration!  Want to get ideas for what to do with all that stuff, while mingling with your colleagues AND earning workshop credit?  Join us for ZeroLandfill™’s newest resource, professional development workshops for you and your colleagues!

one of our most popular items... we'll have plenty of color for your next upcycled invention

Thursday, March 17, 2011

celebration - biomimicry responsible for development of successful products

celebrate - It's Nature's Way

Michael Dungan, Pres/CEO - BeeDance
Michael Dungan’s work is dedicated to discovering new abundance in our community by reclassifying waste as an asset. Through his consultancy APISync, the community project ZeroLandfill, and the online marketplace BeeDance, Michael is disrupting the status quo and bringing new understanding to the role of waste in our society. In nature, a lot of waste is generated, yet nothing is wasted. Human centered systems have every opportunity to mimic this core principal.

two weeks until launch of Pgh pilot project... see you on 04/01 for Pollinate Day 1

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

harvest - tons of stuff

Carpet samples make more than Muppets


When architect David Roth puts building projects out for bid, he gets an overwhelming number of manufacturers' samples in response, from paint chips to bricks -- enough to paper a small wall or pave a tiny courtyard, he says. And by next year the carpet samples, wall coverings, fabric, stone, glass, tile, laminates and vinyl, in their three-ring binders, have.all gone out of style. 

Firms like Roth's The Downtown Design Company amass tons of the stuff -- literally. Now ZeroLandfill, an effort of Cleveland's BeeDance project, has chosen Pittsburgh as its 14th city, offering a creative way to redistribute and upcycle, or reuse, the material by artists, teachers or anyone else who wants to give them new life.

ZeroLandfill will hold two collection days (April 1 and 15, noon-3 p.m.) at Guardian Storage (2839 Liberty Ave., in the Strip District), followed by two giveaway days (April 2 and 16, noon-3 p.m.). Fill up a bag, fill up your car.

visit us on facebook... volunteers welcome for this great earth day program

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

cultivation - reclassifying waste as a resource

Cultivation: Fill some community service hours or just volunteer where help is needed.  See you next month for THE Earth Day program of 2011!
Users of the ZeroLandfill™ service model a very generous spirit by tirelessly reclassifying waste as a resource (especially our volunteers!).  If you are not familiar with ZeroLandfill™, we repurpose items that are considered waste by one audience and connect them to audiences who deem the materials essential to their programs or processes.  

Thanks to all our sponsors for your help with our pilot program... it's exciting to find out how much stuff we can upcycle together!