Tuesday, February 15, 2011

celebration - anyone can participate in giveaway of materials

Lisa A. Abraham | 02.06.2011

Why deposit it in a landfill when there are artists, teachers and students willing to take it and create with it?

What ''it'' is varies from week to week, depending on what materials are being discarded by local architects and interior designers. It could be swatches of fabric, or it could be carpet samples. It could be rolls of wallcoverings or it could be laminate countertop samples.

ZeroLandfill Akron is like a treasure hunt for local artisans and educators who come to reclaim the unwanted materials for use in artwork or classroom projects.

It's the third year the program has come to Akron since its inception in Cleveland in 2006. The program is operating in 14 cities as far away as Nashville and Minneapolis-St. Paul and now Pittsburgh!

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